10" Wedding Sparklers - 6 per Sleeve

Minimum order of 48

Collections: Decor, Send Off, Sparklers, Wedding

  • These 10" Wedding Sparklers are perfect for the wedding couples reception exit. Create a dazzling send off with these low-smoke, steel wire sparklers. Each one burns for approximately 35 seconds. We recommend 3-4 sparklers per guest so everyone can have plenty of time posing for fun pictures, celebrating and saying their farewells!

    IMPORTANT DETAILS: Each sleeve contains 6 sparklers

    Size: Approximately 9 5/8"

    Burn Time: Approximately 35 seconds

    Please Note: Sparklers may only be shipped to the contiguous US states Returns for sparklers are subject to a 25% restocking fee Federal regulations allow only ground shipping, please allow enough time to receive Follow all laws and policies in accordance with your jurisdiction and facility. Not for ages under 5, please use under adult supervision.

    Minimum order of 48 sleeves


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