Meet the GB Gals!

Audrey Headshot



President of Gracious Bridal Design House, and also Brenda’s daughter.  She took over the helm in 2010.  An elegant leader with a background in Corporate Communications from University of Texas and a foreground of fabulousness, Audrey runs the Austin Texas design studio with style.  This prolific multi-tasker manages her endless to-do tasks as gracefully as she manages her team.  Whether she is working with celebrity event planners from across the US, corporate clients or a single bride in the studio, she gives each her creative style and undivided attention with a personalized approach to their needs.

Brenda Headshot



Founder of Gracious Bridal and keeper of the vision.  Brenda’s creativity and exuberance imbues our GB Design House.  Possessing an endless wealth of fabulous ideas, and a keen eye for design, she will take the simplest of details and elevate them to give stylishness to your event.  With her Southern upbringing, and a lifetime of entertaining, Brenda has the expertise to give that effortlessly elegant look to your event.  Whether painting in her home studio or designing and creating for Gracious Bridal Design House, she is happiest with a brush or stylus in hand.